The service is valid for the entire trip (round-trip flights) as long as they are part of a single reservation (single PNR).

Cost of Service
20 €per person

Return of the sums spent at the airport while waiting for the purchase of food and drinks up to € 50 (after sending receipts).

250 €
400 €
600 €

If you have problems with your baggage you can get a compensation up to 1000 €

included in the price
Blue Ribbon Bags
  • The service applies to all flight routes
  • Receive real time email and SMS updates on your baggage status.
  • Get at least 1.000€ per bag if you do not receive it within 96hours.
  • No need to provide baggage contents to receive compensation.
  • The service applies to all checked in luggage, of any kind, whether at check in counter or at the gate.

Terms & Conditions

1000 €

Instant Payment!

Payments will be made within 48 hours (from the reply of the Airline)  on Paypal or Bank account 

Request Form

Before paying the Compensation, we will check the delay of your flight and the reason directly with airline.
If the delay is confirmed and it is more than 3 hours, you will need to send us:

  • Boarding pass
  • Identity card
  • Assignment form

We will send payment within 96 working hours. The service have to be purchased within 48 hours before the flight time
For more information, please check terms and conditions. 

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Total cost of the service
You can get up to:
*Accreditation management has a fixed cost of € 10 per passenger
You must consent to the assignment of credit and the contractual conditions
You must consent personal data treatment

After receiving the payment, we will send you a summary email with all the information.

* Mandatory fields.

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