Contractual Conditions

When you purchase the Pagosubito (Paynow) service, you declare that you have read and accepted the following contractual conditions of OnAir S.r.l. -service PAGOSUBITO-. 2. PAYNOW SERVICE - DELAY - of more than 3 hours: following the purchase of the service by the Customer, OnAir S.r.l., undertakes to settle the relative Compensation deriving from CE Reg. 261/04 based on the route. The service must be purchased at least 2 days before the departure date. The purchase made the day before departure will entitle you to the protection of Blue Ribbon Bags on luggage but not to pay in case of a flight delay of more than 3 hours. 3. According to Article 7 of the REG. CE 261/04. Right to financial compensation 1. When reference is made to this article, the passengers concerned shall receive financial compensation equal to: a) EUR 250 for all flights of less than or equal to 1 500 kilometers; (b) EUR 400 for all intra-Community flights over 1 500 kilometers and for all other flights between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometers; c) EUR 600 for flights not falling under points a) or b). 4. The website will be used for the exact calculation of the orthodromic distance, necessary for the settlement of the relative compensation (from € 250.00 to € 600.00). 5. Before proceeding with the settlement of the sums, OnAir s.r.l. will check the actual flight delay from the website Only this site can be taken into consideration for the settlement of the Compensation. If there is no reliable data on this site about the hours of delay (unknown), the passenger will be entitled to request an official certificate of a delay from the ARRIVAL airport only. In this case, the compensation may be paid. Following the verification of the delay, OnAir will send a request to forward the necessary documents. Payment is subject to the passenger sending: -COMPLETED AND SIGNED CREDIT ASSIGNMENT; - IDENTITY CARD; - FLIGHT TICKET; - * RECEIPTS; - IBAN / PAY PAL OF PASSENGER. 6. To obtain payment a necessary condition will be the passenger’s boarding on the flight subject to the delay. If the flight is delayed at the destination airport for more than 3 hours but the customer decides not to board, the Compensation will not be paid. 7. Once the compensation has been received, the passenger will not be able to make other requests to the airline regarding the same flight having transferred the credit to Onair S.r.l. 8. Any type of delay at the final destination verified of more than 3 hours (technical failure, Company's employees strike not communicated) will be paid after the Airline’s answer, as required by art.13, except for delays deriving from bad weather, birdstrike, lightning strike, airport strikes and/or arising from the closure of the proclaimed airspace, charter flights. For routes over 3500 km where the delay is more than 3 hours but less than 4 hours, Compensation will be paid at 50% (€ 300.00) as required by EC Reg. 261/04. OnAir s.r.l. won’t ask for any commission. For connecting flights that are part of a single itinerary (same PNR) and purchased at the official website of the company, loss of connection entitles the customer to the payment of the financial compensation provided that the delay at the final destination is greater than 3 hours and the connection time between the first and the second/third flight of at least 2 hours. Onair S.r.l. won't pay Compensation if connection flights have different PNR and are operated by different airlines. 9. BAD WEATHER - Bad weather will be considered when 70% of flights departing or arriving at their destination will be delayed or canceled. Onair S.r.l., if necessary, makes itself available through his lawyers to initiate a trial before the competent office free of charge. 10. To obtain payment of the financial compensation, the passenger must submit the requested documents within 96 hours. If the deadlines are not respected, Onair s.r.l. may deny the payment of the pecuniary compensation and carry out the same within 60 days. 11. In case of cancellation, overbooking, denied boarding, damage, and lost luggage, ONAIR S.r.l. will manage the claim and in the case of success will ask for a commission of 25%. In case of delayed baggage and damage will be necessary to make a report at the airport (PIR). Remember to save all receipts. 12. For delays of more than 2 hours and less than 3 hours, all receipts will be refunded (after sending) for purchases of food and drinks up to a maximum of € 50.00. 13. Payments will be made within 48 hours, starting from the airline’s answer. Payments will be made exclusively to an account in the passenger's name. It will not be possible to pay third parties even if delegated. Only parents of minors will be able to collect sums in their name and on their behalf. 14. Management of the service has an additional fixed cost of € 10.00. 15. The Customer declares that the information provided is correct, complete, and truthful. 16. The Italian law applies to the agreement between OnAir S.r.l. and the Customer. 17. The Customer declares that the complaint request has not been entrusted to third parties and no legal dispute is ongoing or is about to be undertaken between the Customer and the Airline on the same issue. Once the payment has been received, the Customer declares not to carry out any other act that could, even potentially, jeopardize the success of the sale. The customer, following the payment by Onair S.r.l., will have nothing else to claim against the latter concerning the transfer referred to in this contract. 18. Any violations will authorize Onair S.r.l. to request a repayment of the sums. 19. OnAir S.r.l. uses personal data provided by the Customer for the purposes indicated in the agreement and for the sole purpose of managing the procedure in the best possible way and respects all applicable privacy laws. The Customer agrees, with this document, under the protection of the legislation on the processing of personal data (L 196/03), to provide OnAir S.r.l. personal information and also consents to the use of such data as part of the management of the complaint procedure. 20. OnAir S.r.l. may contact the customer by phone / WhatsApp or by e-mail to request the integration of documents necessary for the optimal management of the practice. 21. Onair as of now disclaims any type of liability deriving from non-fulfillment by Blue Ribbon Bags. It should be noted that Onair s.r.l. is only authorized to sell the service. It is specified that the English contract is the result of a translation of the Italian one and therefore the latter must be taken into consideration in case of discrepancies.

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