Contractual Conditions

1. With the purchase by the traveler of the Pagosubito PREMIUM service, OnAir S.r.l. undertakes to send a complaint to the airline in case of: delay of more than 3 hours, flight cancellation, travel cancellation, overbooking, problems with luggage (loss - damage) and Blue Ribbon Bags services (aimed at baggage tracking), to whose contractual conditions expressly refer. 2. In case of a flight delayed more than 3 hours, cancellation or denied boarding, passengers affected have the Right to compensation totalling: € 250 for all flights of 1,500 kilometres or less; € 400 for all intra-EU flights of more than 1,500 kilometres, and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres; € 600 for all other flights. 3. For the purpose of the exact calculation of the great circle distance, will be used the website 4. Before sending the complaint to the airline, OnAir S.r.l. will check the actual flight delay/cancellation, from the website If on this site, there will be no certain data on the hours of delay (unknown), an official delay certificate will be requested, where possible, at the ARRIVAL airport. In order to process the complaint, the customer have to send the following documents: - CONTRACT AND/OR POWER OF ORDER FILLED IN AND SIGNED; - IDENTITY CARD'; - FLIGHT TICKET; - RECEIPT; - IBAN OR PAYPAL IN THE PASSENGER'S HOLDER (after acceptance of the complaint). 5. If OnAir S.r.l. won’t receive these documents, will be impossible to proceed, with with claim. Waiting times to get an answer are variable and depend on the airline. OnAir S.r.l. undertakes to send a formal complaint within 96 working hours. 6. If the flight accumulates a delay at the destination of more than 3 hours, but the customer decides not to embark, Compensation cannot be requested. 7. Once the documents have been sent, the passenger will not be able to make other requests to the Airline regarding the same flight. In the event of transfer to third parties, the Customer will assume all civil and criminal liability arising, exempting as of now OnAir S.r.l. from any kind of liability. Following the positive response from the airline, the full amount recognized will be paid WITHIN 48 BUSINESS HOURS and no commission will be requested. In case of refusal by the airline, a complaint will be made before the competent judicial authorities, free of charge, if possible. 8. In the event of flight cancellation, overbooking or denied boarding, delayed delivery of baggage and damage to baggage, OnAir S.r.l. will handle the complaint and, if successful, will charge a 10% fee instead of 25%. In the event of non-delivery of baggage, it is advisable to keep all receipts to purchase basic necessities, so as to be able to make a claim to the airline to obtain a refund. In case of damage, it is necessary to report it at the airport. 9. For delays of more than 2 hours and less than 3 hours, all receipts will be refunded (after sending to OnAir S.r.l.), for purchases of food and drinks/access to the airport lounge, up to a maximum of € 50,00 and without waiting for a response from the airline. 10. Payments will be made within 48 working hours following receipt by OnAir S.r.l. of the current account coordinates. Payments will be made exclusively to a current account in the passenger's name. It will not be possible to pay third parties, even if delegated. Only the parents of minor children will be able to collect the sums in the name and on behalf of the same. It will not be possible to make the payment within 48 working hours, limited to airlines that do not provide for payment to third parties, but exclusively to passengers (e.g. Ryanair). 11. The management of the payment service has a fixed cost of €10.00. 12. The Client declares that the information provided is correct, complete and truthful. 13. The agreement between OnAir S.r.l. and the Customer is subject to Italian law. 14. The Customer declares that the claim request has not been entrusted to a third party and no legal dispute is ongoing or is about to be undertaken between the Customer and the Airline on the same matter. Once the payment has been received, the Customer undertakes not to carry out any other act. Following payment by OnAir S.r.l., the customer will have nothing else to claim against the airline. 15. Any violations will authorize OnAir S.r.l. to the request for the refund of the sums (if paid). 16. OnAir S.r.l. uses the personal data provided by the Customer for the purposes indicated in the agreement and for the sole purpose of better managing the practice and respects all applicable privacy laws. The Customer agrees, with this document, under the protection of the legislation on the processing of personal data (L 196/03), to provide OnAir S.r.l. personal information and also consents to the use of such data in the context of the management of the complaint procedure. 17. OnAir S.r.l. may contact the Customer by telephone/whatsapp or by e-mail in order to request integration of documents necessary for the optimal management of the file. 18. With reference to the service offered by Blue Ribbon Bags, it should be noted that OnAir S.r.l. is authorized only for the sale of the same, so please refer to the separate contractual conditions that regulate the service. Therefore: the settlement of the sum, in the event of failure to find the baggage within 96 hours, must be made exclusively by Blue Ribbon Bags; any type of dispute must be addressed by the Customer exclusively to Blue Ribbon Bags through their channels; OnAir S.r.l. is not responsible for any litigation or controversy between the Client and the Company.

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